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There's no place like home...
... allegedly.

Anyhow, not got much to say right now. I've had my hair cut, which is nice :o)

Oh, and earlier, my mother was like "You look thinner than when you left", and I'm like "Hell no", so I went upstairs to weigh myself, and oh yes, I weigh 160lbs. That's like 20lbs more than I weighed at the start of the summer. How cool is that? :o)

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Converting that into real mass, you weigh exactly the same as me. Which makes you a fat lardy git, as I'm lean and muscle-bound.

You know, it was so tempting to just stay on my train home... Marylebone to Warwick, it was. I debated not getting off at my stop, and coming to kick your arse. We'll see who's lardy then, eh ;o)

Wow... I'm kinda glad I live in Coventry then :-P

Trains also stop in Coventry. Sorry :o)

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