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The faster we're falling, we're stopping and stalling, we're running in circles again...
I love music. No, I mean, I really love music. It's far more expressive than any other medium I know - the words, the notes, the tone of voice, everything, it's very powerful. And I really do love music so much - whenever I'm in my room I have music playing unless I'm watching a movie. Whenever I'm downstairs I have music playing unless I'm watching TV. Whenever I travel to Uni I listen to music on my way. In the computer labs, I listen to music. Let's just say, music is everywhere for me :o)
How did I end up here?
Closer to nowhere in the middle of nothing and I hide
One step back from where I was
Spinning in circles gets old after a while

You say if I fall I will fall straight into your arms
Should I trip over my feet
And if I start to slip I will slip right onto my knees
Into the center of your hands

Because maybe some day
I can learn to trust you
And just stop thinking with my head
Because maybe some day
I can learn to let go
I lose control now tell me what's wrong with that?
- Lifehouse
But see, there arises a problem. With the song above, in addition to knowing the lyrics and guitar chords by heart, I actually know the drums for it too. I've not sat down in front of a real drum kit for about 13 years, and I've no idea how to play, but I know every single beat in that song. Likewise Cling and Clatter, also by Lifehouse. Just one of these things, I sit there and listen to the songs, and absorb them in a way. With Cling and Clatter, I know all the words, both guitars, and the drums. Give me a few clones (one with a voice would be good) and a lot of time to get good, and I could perform that song.

But it starts to take some of the magic out of music. I sit there analyzing every note, every chord, every riff, listening to how they all fit together. Can't see the forest for the trees, that's my problem. Songs stop being songs, and start being guitar tabs, drum tracks, lyrics, all their constituent components. I'm trying to decide if this is a really horrible terrible thing, or whether it's actually okay.

Anyhow, got a parcel earlier - CDs of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. So I watched it a couple of times with various flatmates - it was quite good. Not as good as it could have been, but then again, that was to be expected - the other movies were great because the central characters were people like Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, etc. Jay and Silent Bob were never that great. Well, Jay wasn't - Silent Bob is the man, so...

But yeah, it made me laugh, a lot - I loved the jokes, and the characters from previous movies were great. Especially seeing Dante and Randal - ah, those guys rule so much. Actually, sometimes, I look at them and see a lot of David in Dante, and a lot of me in Randal. They seem to interact in similar ways, and have similar perspectives on things, ish...

Anyway, so yeah, I've now got all 5 of those movies - now just to wait for Clerks 2: Selling Out, and then I will be complete and content, and junk :o)

Anyhow, aside from that, I've done bugger all today, since Friday through Monday are all days of rest for me. Wednesday too. Ahh, I love being a student.....

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music is an incredible combination of sounds and poetry. by itself, music quickly becomes boring, by itself poetry becomes dull and hard to remember. but together.....heck how they is surely the biggest thing in my life. right now i've got train in vain by the clash totally on my head, it just ain't letting go....

now i got a job
but it dont pay
i need new clothes
i need somewhere to stay
but without all these things i can do
but without your love i won't make it through

so incredibly simple, yet so incredibly insanely cool. i need to give some years of my life to music. thanx for reminding me.

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