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Well, I did it
Yes, indeed, I dyed my hair. It was meant to be "Deep Funky Blue", but since I didn't bleach it first (would take too long), it's come out a sort of greeny blue. But it still rules. I'm very happy with how it's all turned out - a great success, I think :o)

Anyhow, I shall get a new LJ photo on Monday. Same pose, I think, but with my new hair. That will be fun. I have to wonder a little what my boss will think - will I get fired? Because I don't remember seeing any sort of dress code, but... Ho hum. The advantage of my haircut, of course, is that when my hair starts to grow long enough for natural roots to be showing, I can shave off all the dyed hair and be left with just those natural roots. 'tis neat.

David has now gone to bed, the bugger. I don't much want to bother with staying up to 3am again - I've felt odd all day, probably as a result - so I shall go up within the next couple of hours or so. Dan presently is in a state of disbelief - he doesn't seem to think that I actually did it. Ooh, won't he find out the truth this week if we go to the pub (we had planned to go tonight, but Chris is on medication so he couldn't drink, and Dan is an absolute lightweight, so it'd have just been me getting plastered - boring).... Anyhow, more later perhaps. Time to go IRCing or something.

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Why don't you just edit your photo in photoshop to change it?

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