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Well that was good...
I found out that I will never have a seminar at 9:15am today. Which is good. I'm now only awaiting one more timetable item, and then I'll know my full timetable. I have a seminar at 10:15 on a Monday, but I refuse to ever go to it. They can assign me a new one, or they can mark me as absent, I don't care, but I am not giving up a 2pm start on a Monday in order that I can go to a maths workshop. No chance.

Anyway, registration commences in 90 minutes - I'll go eat something before then so that I don't, you know, die, then register, then go home. I dunno what I'm meant to take to the registration with me - I have my PDS (you know, the form I was meant to send back to them four months ago at the very latest), and passport photos, and that's about it. I don't think I need my loan form because my tuition fees have already been paid, so that's one less thing to worry about. Then I get to pick up my loan check, and head off to the bank. Hooray :o)


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