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And good morning....
Well, you know, it's morning somewhere.... In fact, if I were on the west coast of America, it'd be quite early in the morning right now, not even 7am yet, so if we judge me by Californian standards, I'm doing quite well...

Anyhow, it's not as if I have to, you know, get up that early. On Mondays I don't need to be on campus until 2pm, so.... Oh, and tomorrow's lectures don't start until 12:30pm, which gives me plenty of time for sleeping in, which is just as well, since I'm going out clubbing tonight (since it's a Monday, and the best night)...

So, the plans as far as I'm concerned (which the others may not go for, but we'll see) we're going to Weatherspoons, or some other nice bar (rather than a smelly pub or something), and getting trashed, as you do... Then go on to the Honey Club for Stardust Night, which is 70s and 80s music from 10pm to 2am. Leave when it closes at 2am, then go to Burger King for food, then wander back home.

So yeah, that's what I want to do. We're certainly going to the Honey Club, after Claire, Alex and myself had so much fun there at the tail end of last term on a Monday, but the other details are yet to be confirmed, so.....

Ah, it's great, right now I'm listening to one of those songs that re-sparked my interest in music during the 90s when I'd lost a bit of interest... It's not exactly a great song, but at the time I thought it was great and it got me back into listening to the radio. It sounds very 90s really, which can't be a bad thing :o)

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Burger King?
Where's your sense of adventure?

What you need is a nice kebab!

Ha, you've never had Burger King in Brighton then - it's an adventure alright, such a risk! :o)

I see.
One of them - past a certain time you risk a assortment of interesting illnesses...

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