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Right, bed time...
Been playing more of CTP2 - I'm not entirely convinced that it's a great game, but it keeps me entertained - I think it'll get shelved sooner than most games though, just because it's really lacking something, I'm not sure what. Max Payne, on the other hand, is likely to be played quite a lot - it's good fun, is that...

It's cool, today was the first time I've gone out socially since I got the eyebrow pierced, and people talked to me about it, which was neat. The weird drunk guy at the bus stop used it as the subject for one of his incomprehensible rants, to which I said "Well some days you just wake up in the morning and feel like putting metal through yourself, go figure"... Then one of Dan's friends (it was probably Ian now I think about it) asked if it hurt, since he was thinking of getting it done. You hear that? I actually have a characteristic that others are thinking of acquiring and are asking for my opinion. Dude, that's just so not me :o)

Regardless, yeah, I really like the thing, even if it does bleed when you drink alcohol (on account of alcohol being an anticoagulent or some such thing), so I'm not looking forward to bed right now. But, of course, that's where I'm headed, so there's nothing I can do about it. Goodnight kids :o)

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CTP2 is fine as long as you arent expecting any action and are prepared to reload quite frequently near the start as barbarians take your cities...

Civ2 is twice the game it is.
Unfortunatly CTP1 has alot of cool features that where left out of CTP2, and the major new feture of CTP2 was national boarders, which, to be frank are pointless, if you tell them to keep out they just ignor you, and they dont even prevent them setting up cities inside "your" area.

If you havent played Civ2 do so, if you want even an attempt at graphics you want the Test of Time version.

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