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Uni stuff...
Been looking at phone call costs. It's expensive. If I can't get a free ISP, I may well be severely limited on how much time I spend online. This could have many wide ranging effects. For starters, more drinking and socialising time. So long suckers! But also, I'd not be available to chat on ICQ and MSN Messenger. That is less good. However, naturally I'd still keep in touch with David, and I could post to my journal from the computer labs, so I guess all is OK... :o)

What will be weird there is having a room to myself. I shared a room with my sister until I was about 8, then I've shared with my brother ever since. Aside from brief stints of having a room to myself (Biology fieldtrip, when my parents go away, Ireland), I rarely sleep in a room alone. But at Uni I will. Yay for music... I can have my MP3s queued up on my computer and just listen to that all night, every night. Not loud enough to disturb others, mind... Honest :o)

Anyhow, all my friends are currently offline. Well, most of them anyway. David is out with his tart at Oh What a Lovely War (just kidding, Mel's smashing really, didn't mean it :o).... All the girls are there, except my two favourite ones (Becky and Julia), who are at Orchestra. Oh, and Mitchy is there too, so I don't even have anybody firing insulting comments at me. For shame...

Confidence. Wonderful thing, eh? Turns out, I've finally found that. From the person who once used to be a socially naff as Kit and Andy are now, who never bought anything because he didn't like interraction. Well now I go to the bank to sort out a new account and an overdraft, and answer phones at work and such, and talk to strangers. Yay. All ready for Uni now :o)

Oh, had a look at the 570S calculator, which I'll be having to use at Uni for Maths. It's so laughable, the complex numbers part can't actually handle roots of negatives, and stores the real and imaginary parts in different ways. Basically, I could probably work it out better in my head (and may do just that). Ho hum :o)

More later....


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