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Woo :o)
Just had a phone call from Vicky - she's already moved in, and she's coming to see me tomorrow hopefully... I'll have to give her directions though, otherwise she'll never find it, and just lose herself hopelessly :o) Also today I saw Mice when I was in EB buying myself Max Payne - her and Tom have also moved into their house (with Vicky), and both seem to be doing well, which is good...

Today I've mostly just been playing computer games, as one does. Fun..... Or something... Anyway, I've ordered pizza for dinner again on account of having run out of food (I eat lots these days), which will be here in about half an hour (unless it's late like last time, bastards)... TV tonight isn't too promising, but I guess there's Eastenders to look forward to...

More from me later kids :o)

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Just think, you'll both begin and finish Max Payne in about the same time as it took you to do Blue Shift, but at twice the price. :)

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