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More inane nonsense...
Woohoo. I now have an address in Brighton. And it is...
07** (have to have some privacy)
East Slope Residence,
University of Sussex,
Kindly make cheques payable to J D Webley... Ho hum... I feel so happy now (because, like, it's where I wanted and all). Apparently, where I am would be referred to as "Terraced single storey flats, each designed for groups of six to twelve students". Presumably, the ones with twelve are those with double bedrooms. Mine is a single, so hopefully I'll be in a set closer to 6. Simply because 12 is a few too many people to be living with. I just figure it'll be easier to get along with fewer people. Or something... Oh, according to something else, they're build for groups of 6, 7, 8 or 12 students. There's a student bar within the block (woohoo), and electricity is included in the rent. This makes the rent a bit more expensive, but it means I can forget worrying about the electricity bill. Woohoo :o)

Anyhow, as to today.... Well I got in there very early. About 8:20am this morning. The door was unlocked (usual for that time), so I just went straight in and started working. Aren't I good... Sadly, Victor had taken his computer for something else, so I didn't get to play Pinball. I had only scored 1.5m, I'm sure I can do better than that... Ho hum... Anyhow, after more phone answering today (I'm getting good at it now, which is nice), I've done little. Got shown how to calibrate the 8000s so that next week I'll be able to do that, and played with the 8500s a bit. Also did some work on the water permeation device, which was fun.

Anyhow, I have two 8500s on my desk. And they generate a lot of heat which has to be vented out from the bottom. This basically means that I have two whirring boxes on my desk, which are generating warm air. Anybody who knows me knows that this is the one thing guaranteed to send me to sleep - whirring, and warm air. That's why sometimes I curl up in front of the tumble drier and go to sleep. Anyway, yes, this made me sleepy all day. And the fact that the toilet is a rather warm room with an extractor fan (whirring) means that there's no relief from tiredness there either.... Cursed thing...

I spoke to Igor a while ago about the software used on the computers. He explained quite a lot - it's bloody interesting stuff. Basically, now I have (I think) a good understanding of how the software works (if not the actual protocols). The .ini files are rather good - they basically control the software themselves (which is programmed in VB - to think, even I might be able to attempt something vaguely similar :o)

Anyhow, I've little to say about yesterday's update right now. Some nice comments from people (especially Kay, who posted both a comment on this and sent me an SMS - such a sweetie, thanks :o), and basically I'm feeling glad that at least I said all that crap. Thus far, of my 'real life' friends, only Phil has made reference to it. But it can only be a matter of time.... :o)

More later - Ed needs the PC :o)

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(Deleted comment)
October 4th. All people welcome (although I'm safe in the knowledge that nobody will come :o)

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