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Where I live
Well, not where I live - four miles down the road, in fact. But where I work...

And another picture...

I hope these looked good, I've not previewed them since I cropped them the other day...

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Tbey're gorgeous ... my hometown looks so ugly in comparison ...

Believe me. Looks can be deceiving.

Hmm... Should I get some Digicam pictures of Lea Park, or the wasteland that floods between Burger King and Upper School? I can think of so many places in Thame that suck, I can't decide :o)

I'd sooner live in Beirut.

Well, true enough ... ;-)

awww, it's all cute and quaint and stuff :)

like belleville, only nicer and in england

Hmm, I dunno, it feels really different to Belleville. You look at all the buildings and realise that, like, nowhere in America had buildings like those, but then again, bits of it feel very trashy, almost like Lewistown (but not quite so bad ;o)

belleville feels really different to everywhere...

This is true... I love Belleville. I'm gonna be buried in that churchyard, I've decided.

It looks quite British. :-)

That first picture is part of the journey from lower school to town... I'll probably never do that journey again... I MISS LOWER SCHOOL DAMMIT!

Don't be stupid, I wander all around Thame all the time, and I don't have school there, so I expect you probably will too. Lunch breaks are boring, so I just walk...

As for missing school - bah. Lower School is shitty

i like those painted roundabouts (noticed how they don't have them in america? - i guess it's to complicated for them.......)

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