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So, the SMS thing certainly works - here are the messages I received today on my mobile phone:

"Of course we want to send you messages. Anything to cost you money, right? - Whim"
"It's annoying, it's anonymous, and I can do it any time HURRAH! :)"
"I'd be surprised if this actually worked. But here ya go... Ozjish says hello. "Hello!"
"So if I type a message in here, you can read it?"
"This is Scott SMSing from your site. Hurrah! How many characters can this take? Hmm - seems like a great deal.
"Hiya, James. I was wondering... Why aren't you in the Guiness Book of Records under "Biggest ears"? Cheers, Sigbjørn"

Some of these are easily traceable because they left their names, or huge clues. Others less so. But all good fun. As soon as anybody abuses it, I take it down though.... :o)

Anyway, a fun day so far today. Nothing too bad (although I did feel like a wuss when I didn't manage to put a regulator in the oxygen cylinder tightly enough). Had a go at cleaning a moisture cell which I inadvertantly broke yesterday, and it didn't work so well. Used a replacement, and I've left it running in order to find myself a groovy little temperature coefficient... Working on the Systech 8000 in its capacity as a water vapour permeation instrument. Grooviness...

Anyhow, I like that people can bother me at work. It gives me something to read when I'm so terribly terribly bored :o) More later

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You got my "Howdy" how cool.

It's been bugging me for a while now, what do you actually do at work?

What kind of work, where at. What kind of company?


Re: What do you do?

It's complicated. Read back in my journal, I've said before :o)

HAHAHA . . big EARS!!! :-) Something made me laugh today . . WHEEE!!

. . . Not that your ears aren't the most adorable thing. :-)


Seriously, when you see the picture of James in that dress thingie (I mean, even that is inane in itself..), you have to wonder..

Ahhh . . I'm starting to feel like a jerk now..... hehe. So you know Jim in person? Orr. . ?

The closest we've got to knowing each other in 'real life' was him phoning me up one time telling me to get online for a meeting or something. Silly Squiggy :o)

And as to a dress, I dunno what he means - was another of my late-night movies on? ;o)

Need I say more?

I love that. And it's not a dress, it's a suit. If you can't tell the difference, you are going to have serious problems ;o)

BWahahah . . this whole thing cracks me up. . . seriously, I'm like . . crying. Aww, Jim doesn't look bad in that picture!!!!! I get to see his ears perfectly in that one!!! :) :):):):) Wheee!

"As soon as anybody abuses it"...

That gives me an idea..

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