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Well, I have less than 24 hours to go in this country... That equates to one more phone call to Jen, one more sleep in my bed, a few more meals (in reality, probably just the one)...

Anyhow, so, today we were visited by relatives - Anne, Matthew and Andrew... So we went for a walk, and it started raining and stuff so we went back. Big long story there... :o)

Anyway, I'm leaving tomorrow at 3pm(ish), and I'll be home by about 8am (hopefully) on Friday morning. Give or take a four hour delay or whatever may await me...

So, I'll call Jen sometime tonight (after she mails me), then I'll sleep, get up, make sure I've got everything, and then be ready to get going. Back to 'sunny' England.... Oh well... America has simply ruled :o)

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It is sunny dammit. Appropriately it'll be pissing it down raining for when you come back, just to put you in an extra special mood.

Good grief, that holiday went by QUICKLY. *sympathetic hug*

America has simply ruled

That's why I said good. = )

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