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What a nice evening
Well, got to Chris's at 7pm, as specified previously. The others weren't there. Kicked the ball about a bit outside for a while, then phoned Mike to see where he was. He was still in Thame, having not actually bothered to leave work until late. Or something... Anyway, we all got to the playing field at about 7:30 or so... Played a bit of football, Michael repeatedly being crap at being in goal (as per usual), and me not letting in a single one. Ho hum... Then at about 8pm, we decided to go drink...

So anyhow, we got a table outside (lord knows why, it was starting to get a bit dusky, so...) and ordered in the drinks. In an unprecedented move I decided to have a Tetley's.... The stuff tasted horrible, and left the most disgusting aftertaste, so I went in and got myself a double archers and a coke. That tasted nicer, but of course once more labelled me as being a drinker of girlie drinks. Oh well.... Eventually moved inside, and had a few games of pool. I beat Mike and Dan, but lost to Chris (as always - but this time I managed to pot the black a few balls in, thus losing quicker than anybody else). A good few pints later (or shots of archers, in my case - not my fault), Chris decided to start on the Cognac. Not wishing to be out-done, I decided to join him. After our first shots, we all decided we needed the toilet, so we all wandered (or staggered) down there. There were only three urinals, so I decided I could hold it in for a while longer. I went to the bar to order the next drinks in, and while I was waiting a guy came out of the toilets and said to the guy serving "I hope you're not cleaning the toilets tonight, some guys have made a real mess in there". Obviously, this meant my friends.... Turns out Michael had thrown up in the urinal (and on Daniel's shoe), which wasn't good... So then they all got back, and we resumed drinking. After the second Cognac, Chris and I had a double each (Dan and Mike were complaining that it smelled horrible and that they didn't want it - wusses :o). That marked the end of their bottle of the stuff - it's a damned good feeling to know that you drank them out of Brandy. They had another bottle, but there was something odd about it or summat, and they wanted to charge us £2 per shot rather than £1.50. We were drunk enough that they could have charged a fiver and we'd not have noticed, so that didn't bother us. So anyway, we then went up to get our last drinks - bottles of Bud for Dan and Mike, and another shot of Cognac for Chris and myself. Halfway through his bottle, Mike knocked it over, and in a vigorous attempt to put it the right way up, sprayed the rest of it all over the table and onto Chris's lap. He was not amused. At that point, I went to the toilet, Chris went to dry his trousers, and then we decided to go home.

However, by "Go Home", we really meant walking two miles to get to Thame, and then me getting picked up from there. I went along with it, knowing the other two probably weren't up to managing it without getting hit by cars. Despite my grand total of 5 or 6 shots of neat archers followed by 5 shots of cognac (which to a lightweight such as myself is somewhat hefty), I still managed to be far more sensible than them. Aside from a rather strange phone call to David, another to my mother (during which Daniel had parts of his anatomy sticking out of his trousers and we had to tell him to put it away, which was rather scary), I was completely sensible. Well, relatively, when compared to them. They were pracing about on the pavement, dancing and yelling at cars and generally being stupid. My mission was to stop them jumping out in front of cars and such. When we parted at the service station, the body count was still 0.

Oh, and at the service station (from which my father had elected to pick me up), I saw Becca and Charlotte (the one who isn't Becca's sister), which was nice. As far as I could tell, Charlotte had probably had a few, and I certainly wasn't sober, which made for a rather random conversation. Then I spoke to Becca, who had been driving and thus was her usual sober self. Oh well.... Maybe I'll phone her later and apologise (I dunno what for, but I probably made some horrible remarks about something (probably her choice of boyfriend again)). I have been told (although I'm not sure if I believe it) that Dan and Mike got into a bit of trouble with townies on their walk home.... The fools didn't comply with the townies' wishes, and thus had to run away, apparently.

Ack, I just checked my in-box for some mail. There was something in there, but I have about 200 mails there so I had to scroll quite a bit. It would be at the bottom if it had been sent at the right time, but the problem with spam is that it generally sent months before (according to the headers), so it's right in the middle. Anyway, while looking for it, I stumbled upon an e-mail from Jo from when I went to spend the day with her, saying basically "Thanks for today, I had a real good time". For some reason, as yet unknown to me, I'm actually rather sad about that... Ho hum. Oh, and in related news, there was a lass at the pub who looked just like her (although was a good few years older - 19 or so, I would think).... That was weird. Oh well.... More later.

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