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Checked my coursework marks again... this is so good!!

Right, Comp Soc, which I was worried I'd failed on the coursework, I got an overall mark of 60%, for what amounted to very little work, so I'm pleased that the Gods have spared me that one...

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence I walked into the exam with a pass, and did reasonably on the questions, so that's safe.

Introduction to Programming, my coursework (50% of the course) is 60%, which gives me the 30% required for a pass. Ergo, I'm walking into another exam with a pass in the bad.

Further Artificial Intelligence was the one where one coursework scored 0%. Thankfully, the other scored 80%, so my overall mark is 40% for that one, which gives me 20% already done. Meaning I just need a further 10% of the course to pass - i.e., 20% in the exam.

Further Programming, my overall mark is 65%, so again, that's a pass before I even take the exam.

Which means, in order to pass Computer Science, all I need to do is get 20% or more in the exam on Saturday morning. I feel so good right now, just because I'm feeling so much safer. And now I can concentrate on the maths, which could be harder ;o)

Anyhow, am sat in the Computer Room in York House (which is a bit sucky, but...), and looking up some ItP past papers, just so I know what to expect. After all, I'm only borderline pass, and I want to do better than that - no use going to the exam aiming for 0%... :o)


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