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Heh, this rules
I'm updating this journal from Lynx, which I'm running off the server... As you do... 'tis good fun. And ever so quick...

Anyway, nothing much to report - just having fun with this thing :o)

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And here we have a comment. Really, I'm just doing this to see if it gives my IP address as being D& - if it does, that would rule :o)


Resolved to:

Oh well... That's the server my domain is hosted on. Shame, I wanted it to resolve to D&, just because that'd be funny :o)

You are such a dork! =D

And this reply is also written in Lynx... You and your silly Microsoft Internet Explorer crud...

I rule and you know it ;o)

Auhhh...= Þ I won't admit to anything!

The same people have been driving by my house for the last half hour. Hmmm....

Perhaps it's the feds, watching you... After all, I did warn them :o)

They can't prove anything! I didn't do it! ; )

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