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(Private) Dreams
Right, the first was in this Star Trek type place, crossed with WH40k (Orcs and stuff), and it was this palace in space and people were firing parts of bodies at us, and if you put your hand outside it grew larger and stuff... All weird... The USS Enterprise then came and saved us.

Then I was attending this modern dance thing, where I was going to be in it (hence why, for some reason, I was wearing ballet shoes). I met up with Annie there, and she introduced me to all her friends. The rule was that I had to touch all of them in some way, so I hugged them all. Many hot girls (although to be honest, they looked like Lollo's friends so...). Anyway, I'd forgotten to bring the letter that said I was in, although I had my ID to prove I was me, so I had to wait a while. Then a couple of people from school showed up, and we went shopping.


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