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Just been watching learning programs on TV... Yes, I really am that bored... Anyway, the current programs are (allegedly) for teaching French. Sadly, it's utterly shite - for starters, as per usual, the whole thing is so contrived, the settings are just stupid, the conversations banal and lifeless... The sentence structure is depressingly simplistic and wholly unrealistic. I'm not kidding when I say in half an hour of discussion, there's not been a single thing I didn't understand, with the exception of a couple of obscure nouns which were way too specific for me to have ever bothered learning them... I mean, it's only people talking to each other, inviting each other out for drinks, buying stuff, introducing their families and stuff, but it's all done so very deliberately and simply. It's just bloody stupid.

Then let's get into the grammar - while the grammar of what they're saying is painfully accurate, the translations are less so. They practically encourage you to mess up your verbs, and they mistranslate words in order to simplify, which is just liable to confuse people. There are words which only have one meaning in French, but in English their counterparts would have two meanings. So they translate to both meanings, which is stupid. Because in English, one definition works for both. For instance, the word "de" in French means, IIRC, "of". However, the translation calls for it to be translated as "from", since it can be used that way sometimes. I could say "I am of the United Kingdom" and understand it perfectly, but no, they go and translate it as "I am from the United Kingdom", inventing a meaning which doesn't translate back the other way so well. I think. Bah, I think it's better translated as "of" anyway, simply because it's more applicable in general that way....

Mon Dyue, porkwar dwar zjer soobeer set long? (note: you have to read it aloud, preferably to somebody who is fluent in French, before you can translate that ;o)

But you know what, I can't speak or understand a word of the language, so I could be wrong in everything I've said. Thank God I forgot all the French I ever learned two years ago :o) I dunno what I did to deserve this TV anyway - I just wanted to find Ceefax, for the music, but no, they inflict learning French on me. Like 5 years of that crap didn't annoy me enough :o)

Anyway, it's getting late, and Max has ordered me to go to bed, so I think I probably should.... Tomorrow is burger, jog, write, and stuff day.... More to do on my essay - I'll post it when it's complete (without an LJ-CUT tag too). Later kids :o)

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I took french alevel, yes and failed so got remarked as as level, btunI get the first bit and then claim it is your dodgy phonetic spelling that stops me getting the rest,

'my god, why...(rest can't be done)'

Others have managed to do it. Say it aloud, and work out how it'd be written, silly girl :o)

French for beginners

So what do you expect? Perhaps a couple of physics professors discussing the finer points of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity?

Of course it's simple, it's the way people learn, especially at that time in the morning :-)

it's only people talking to each other, inviting each other out for drinks, buying stuff, introducing their families and stuff

In other words the sort of stuff I will need when I go to France in July, and the sort of stuff that I used when we all went to France a few years ago. Methinks that your brain was addled by being a wee bit tired.

Your diatribe on grammar was quite amusing, coming as it did from someone who used to subscribe to the Humpty-Dumpty view on words. As far as I recall "de" does mean both. As an example: Je viens de Chinnor - I come from Chinnor (not "I come of Chinnor"). I rest my case. Why? 'Cos it's heavy.....

And I leave you with this: there's not been a single thing I didn't understand,
and:But you know what, I can't speak or understand a word of the language

James, parfois tu es tres stupide, mais tu es aussi mon fils et je t'aime

Re: French for beginners

I still maintain that "I come of chinnor" is more in line with the derivation of the words from the Latin, as is my understanding of the grammar :oP

Um, as to my own personal grammar, yes, it's crap and muddled, but I at least know how it's meant to go...

I contradict myself, so what? :o) And no, I don't understand any of the last bit you said - not even the "James" bit :oP

Re: French for beginners

now you see I DID get what your dad said in french. My ability to read was always better xxx

Re: French for beginners

It's a shame about your lack of appreciation of irony or sarcasm really, otherwise you'll realise that I understood exactly what he said. It really isn't difficult, is it? French is easy to understand and read - it's just a bitch to rememeber how to go the other way. I'm telling you, doing German fucked me up - I can understand French wonderfully in all honesty, but I can't speak a word because I can't separate the languages in my head... :o(

Re: French for beginners

consider that maybe i was being sarcy too???

I took german to get out of music drama and pe. Couldn't have cared less how it turned out, which is why we both sat back and did sweet FA, but you can pass and do that I couldn't!

Re: French for beginners

Nah, you're not so good at the sarcasm thing - it's always safe to assume that you mean everything you say... ;o)

I too took German to get out of subjects - specifically Art and Dance. I enjoyed PE back in Year 9 - that was the year I used to play lots of Rugby, so I was actually not against exercise...

Re: French for beginners

You are right nobody at uni gets when I am being sarcy, its depressing :0(

We didn't have to trake dance in year 9 thank god, I hated that bastard subject.

Re: French for beginners

Did we not? Oh well, I wouldn't know, because I certainly didn't have to take it anyway... :o)

Dance sucked - I have to say that Drama was by far the better subject, although for some reason all my acting ability (which teachers informed me did exist) evaporated at some point. Which is a shame.

As for your sarcasm - you never make it obvious enough. Seriously, you often come across as just being dense when you're trying to come across sarcastic. It's all in the delivery - I had that problem too, where people thought I was being mean and evil because they couldn't tell the difference between my sarcastic voice and my normal one (because said difference did not necessarily exist....)

Re: French for beginners

Nah, i don't look dense its just peeps can't work out the thought process behing the comment I think I jump too far ahead!!

And you are right unless you know you well, then it can be just one voice. i am kinda there!

Can you remember are yr 8 5os dance with me having to pick you up at the end?

Re: French for beginners

Um... yeah Becca, you baffle them with your higher brain functions, I'm sure ;o)

Damn... You've spotted what takes many people ages to work out. At first they can't tell when I'm being sarcastic, and have to ask. Then later on, they realise that they can tell the difference between sarcasm and non-sarcasm. But by this time, I know them well enough that I'm always sarcastic to them, and suddenly it is indeed just one voice :o)

And yes, sadly, I do remember that. However, bear in mind this was back in the days when I was a shortarse - don't go getting any ideas about you being strong or anything. Remember the last time you visited me here with my parents? :o)

Re: French for beginners

Haha I am a genius!!! And we all know it!!! Uerhummmm %0/

You're right I was taller than you until year 9, and no I don't remember did you beat me to a pulp by any small chance???

Re: French for beginners

I didn't beat you to a pulp - you'd have remembered that. But I did pick you up and carry you around with one hand, as I recall :o)

Re: French for beginners

I don't remember that, I remember your mum as we fought on the bus telling me that you were like the brother I never had awwww. Alright bro'?

Re: French for beginners

Bah.... I distinctly refuse to remember that. Anyway, we weren't on the bus, we were at the bus stop in front of the Taj Mahal thing :o)

Re: French for beginners

aww I thought it was sweet. But i am a girl I would.

Yep now you mention it I do remeber , did we get drity looks by any small chance too?

Re: French for beginners

I seem to recall some old ladies looking at me like I was mugging you.... :o)

Re: French for beginners

thats the sort of thing I was thinking about!!! Oh and your family being in turn embarresed by us or amused!!!

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