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If Photoshop wasn't being lame
Then this would be my new "Agressive" Userpic (albeit smaller):

Oh, and by the way - I don't take myself seriously for a second - it's not possible to wield a plastic sword and take oneself seriously, you know.... :o)

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(Deleted comment)
You should add a usepic with a gun. Would be a Good ThingTM.

Nah - David and I did the whole gun scene ages ago, it got old :o)


Just one userpic.

As opposed to my four.

Yes, but you're, like, totally obsessed, dude. 8-)


These things happen when it's 3am and you decide to have a "picture frenzy" ;o)

Oh, tell me about it. I had about 15 webcam pics of me making faces at a toy pig in the midst of an all-night programming session. %-)

LOL! :o)

Didn't know you had a webcam. Oh wait, yes I did.

It on your website?

What, the pigs? Nah, I deleted 'em. ;-)

And no, I don't have a live DebCam lurking on my site... ;-)

Ah well
Could've been amusing ;o)

See Deb. See Deb do homework. See Deb pick cat hair off her face.

Doesn't do it for me, somehow. 8-)


Damn, did you have to tell me that was plastic? You can't tell from the pic, it looks seriously cool. ;-D

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