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That's the good thing...
About fate. Yup. The good thing about believing in fate is that sometimes you can just let go, stop trying too hard to control your life, and see where it takes you. So I think I'll try that - no more extensive over-planning, just let things take their course.

Those of you who think I'm already practicing this particular technique would be right, up to a point. But I still do the whole planning-too-long-ahead thing, which I am no longer going to do. Say, about 6 weeks is far enough into the future for me - anything else, well, we'll see when we get there.

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thats how ive lived most of my life
dont do it
make things happen for ureself
dont just sit back and think things will happen the way u want them to
cos they never do =)
just a bit of advice from someone who's kinda messed up alot of things in his life cos of that approach =)

Well the way where you try to make things happen seems to be falling down for me nicely, so it's probably time for a change.

Either that, or nothing works, and we always just get screwed over anyway... :o)

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