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Know what I need for my room at Uni?
Lava lamps. That's what I need. But unfortunately they're way too expensive. On the other hand, I know a few items which aren't. I've now got a £60 shopping list of groovy status things I want.
  • Phenominator
  • Glow-Ring
  • Ice Shot Glasses
  • Spirit Measure
  • A Groovy Torch
I shall try to order those soon...

Basically, if you don't know what that stuff is, check out It's all up there :o)

Um, anyway, more later perhaps....

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You could of course go to Money Spinner (that friendly family run shop on Thame High Street) where they sell Lava Lamps for a very reasonable £29.99, and no they are not cheap crappy things as argos and many other big shops sell the same ones. (i have one too for 2 years and it still works)

Anyway, whats up with MSN! "service too busy" arghhh. Whats Olivers email address?

Like the one in your room? Because that's not bad quality.... Hmm, I'll consider it.... :o)

Lava almps are funky...
You found me, i find you.
Can I friend you seen as you frequent my journal?
Or is that too much?

Sure thing :o)

i am going to add you too :)
(and i'm going away in oo, 4 hours, so there's nothing you can do about it! bwahahahahahaaa!)
(ahem. i'm not mad. really. please believe me.)

I'd really love to believe you, but there's just so much evidence to the contrary.... ;o)

Lamps with Lava in them

They have them in Medowhall, Sheffield for £30 odd. So they're not too expensive. I want one as well - I keep hinting to Sarah but she either doesn't notice or doesn't want to notice.

Re: Lamps with Lava in them

Ugh, I hated that place.... You can't possibly go upstairs because all the cigarette smoke rises right up, and you die halfway up the escalators.... I hope the places that sell those things are on the ground floor...

Re: Lamps with Lava in them

It is indeed. But I never noticed the cigarette smoke before. I think you exagerate.

Re: Lamps with Lava in them

Am I not good enough to be one of your friends...
*looks hurt*

Re: Lamps with Lava in them

Who, my friend? Anyone is good enough to be my friend - but the question is am I good enough to be yours?

Re: Lamps with Lava in them

I'm your friend Scott... Much as it pains me... :o)

I think she was referring to me - well you've been added now Jude, sorry it took me so long - I forgot to add you as soon as I got home :o)

Re: Lamps with Lava in them

Bah. I thought someone cared for me then. :(

Re: Lamps with Lava in them

Bah... I may have exaggerated a little......

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