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Right then.
Time to take a break from the boring shite that is revision - I'm off down to the shop to buy some stuff. I have money from my grandparents in my pocket, so in theory, I can buy some crap food should I wish to do so. After all, I've been being good with eating lately (honest! :o)

I love how I've got my sound system set up - having my CD player feed into my subwoofer is really neat - if I'm playing a game on the computer, or if I need to restart it, I can just hit the Play button, and listen to music that way. I think I may tidy my desk, then take some webcam pictures of how the whole place is set up. But that might require effort, and I doubt I'll actually do it :o)

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revision? whats that? i dont think ive ever encountered that word b4
i heard it had something to do with exams.....

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