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Well, new picture. I got bored of the other one, so I decided to get a new one for my actual LJ picture. My journal page still has the old large one, but now the friends pages and such have the new picture. Ho hum...

Had a meeting with my boss. I've got lots of work to do tomorrow morning, I have to give a presentation on my results. Which is a problem, since my results show pretty much jack shit.... Ho hum... I'm sure I'll find some meaning in something somewhere. I've hardly got a choice. Oh, and my computer didn't get bought today - it'll wait until tomorrow. So it won't arrive until, like, Friday. But then I get the whole weekend setting it all up, which will rule. LAN games against my brother, kicking his ass... Oh, and shifting several gb of data onto my new PC... Fun.

Oh, and in Woolies today, they had a Jason Donovan CD on. Really, I should have tried to buy it, just for a laugh, but I couldn't really be bothered. Heard a couple of songs I've not heard in like 10 years or something though, which was decidedly fun. Anyway, I was in there looking for Mobile phones, and it's now a choice between a rather shabby Motorola one which is £50 and comes with a free Text Message Keyboard (very useful), or a nice Ericsson T10, which is another £30 more expensive, and doesn't have that. But it's a nice phone. Or, alternatively, I just won't bother getting one yet.

Right now I'm acting as agony aunt to Laura - that's always good, because I have such good ideas about things to do and such... honest... Hmm... Anyway, it's nice to feel that I'm at least making an effort to help somebody I care about, given that the number of those who ever need my help is dwindling....


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