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Ah, good fun
Went outside with Jimbo to play frisbee for a while. Very hot. After a while, he threw it onto the roof, so he went through Alex's window to get it. Then Lollo closed and locked the window behind him, so he had to jump down. To pay her back, he started throwing water at her - she retaliated. I was a bit hot, so I asked for a small amount to be thrown at me. A couple of drenchings later, I was not amused.

So yeah, I did what any rational man would do - got a bucket, filled it with water from the paddling pool, and chucked it all over Lollo. She retaliated with a bucket of water over me, and then Jimbo, out of nowhere, did likewise. So I got kinda wet. And by that, I do of course mean very wet.

Anyway, just had a cold shower to cool myself down. Was lovely... Feeling all refreshed now :o)


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