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Went well, I think. I started it with
Hi, I'm James, and I'm an international terrorist. I'm also an evil bastard, sent to steal bandwidth, along with being an arrogant self righteous asshole. I'm also a lot more things, but you can use your imaginations for that - not too much though, because the people who came up with those labels didn't...
Went on to speak about the AA for 10-15 minutes, and then had Q&A from the seminar group for the next 15 minutes. Thankfully, there were many people who had arguments with things I said, so a good debate ensued. The other presentation was a guy who had been arrested on suspicion of all sorts of computer related terrorism - he kindly went through a list of legislature that is soon to become UK law, and pointed out parts that he and I had broken, which was nice. I've been a bad boy, I think...

Ho hum :o)

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Oh W*****S, (ie your nickname you want no one to know) glad you managed it. Well done.

Thank you. And don't call me that :o)

It's good, but it's not the one...

Nah, but I like it, I like it ALOT!!!!

No, no you don't. Don't get me started on calling you the things which, back in year 8, used to upset you ;o)

Don't rememeber and DON'T want to know or remember, %0(

Actually, since I was sweetness and light, there is nothing I could say....

Although, then again, I still remember what Philip SpermGerm used to call you, that mean fat little w*nker ;o)

(Deleted comment)

And you'll never know, because if you do, I'll say so much stuff about Becca that she'll be ashamed to ever come online again ;o)

(plus, it's only what she calls me, to wind me up - her use of "nickname" is misleading)

it is a great term of affection, you should be pleased. Hahahahaha, you know i love you my W****yW****yWebley!!!!!! later ;0)


It isn't a term of affection, it's one of annoyance, just like that one.

humph....well I like calling you it, so tough poopoo. It is a term of affection, you just don't chose to see it that way, Do i care if you call me silly little it means you care about me!!!!!! Hush Penfold!!!

I see it as a term of affection when used by you in a private situation. If you say it in public, it just winds me up :o)

Wobbly Wobbly Webley or Wuvely Wuvely Webley?

Although, to my mind,the last one just doesn't seem right ; )

Wicky wicky wah? Wicky wah? Wicky wicky wild wild west?

Jim West? Desperados? Rough riders?

No, you don't want nada

None of this, six gunin' this, brother runnin' this

Buffalo soldier look, it's like I told ya...

Any damsel that's in distress be outta that dress when she meets Jim West...

Rough neck so go check the law and abide, watch your step with flex and get a hole in your side

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