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I've taken my poll thing off. Nobody is fun.

Paul, in answer to your first question, I think I used to be, but not really any more.
Mr Cross, in answer to your first question, you should not waste your money, and send it to me
Ed, yes he did, it wasn't good. Many years ago, this was
David, perhaps I'm not as honest as I claim when drunk. But most of the time, I seem to be, as you well know.
Doctor Bob: Palace Fans do not change lightbulbs because they're not technically advanced enough to have to do this
Tony: Girls are good, yes, although the situation isn't like that...
Paul2 & Ed2: I'm sorry, but "What are the most embarassing...." questions are just pointless, I couldn't honestly tell you what the most embarassing thing in my life has been, or the stupidest thing I've done when drunk. It's probably something mundane.
David2: The last question was indeed a problem question, but you still know me well enough that you knew the answer before the question
Doctor Bob2: It takes just one Charlton Fan to change a light bulb, provided he knows how to do it
Tony2: There's an explanation of The Pose somewhere in my journal, probably listed as a public memory somewhere.
Doctor Bob3: West Ham fans do not change light bulbs, they crawl off and die somewhere because nobody likes their stupid team

There we go. Those questions were kinda useless, and certainly not the sort that I bother answering when drunk. If I were drunk, I'd look at those, swear under my breath at you unadventurous kids, and post something outrageous. David, if you would furnish these people with the drunken logs from last Spring..... ;o)

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the ones with "sizes" and stuff?


Any will do. Just give these poor saps an idea of what sort of questions to ask. Ah, if only Hannah could see them and their innocent queries :o)

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