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You ain't seen me, right?
I'm not at home at all. No sir. I'm at work. Doing constructive things... Honest.

OK, so I came home for lunch, so I could eat properly. It's not a crime. Right now I'm e-mailing people with regard to my job, which is... um.... fun. Anyway, much to do. Back tonight (I hope)...

By the way - somebody has told me that some moron fuckwit has apparently redone Duran Duran's "Ordinary World". Any information on specifically who I would have to kill in order to silence this/these idiot(s) would be much appreciated.

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LOL, look at that mugshot

I love the new picture, very........ thoughtful. Is that the one you were telling me about that was on someones camera and you couldnt find it?

Re: LOL, look at that mugshot

Nah, I got this one taken yesterday at lunch. Took me several goes to get it right, but I wanted a silly picture for scanning :o)

Ordrinary World

Indeed "Ordinary World" is currently being played accross the country by some band called Aora (think thats how u spell it) anyway I like it, but i shall get both versions before deciding which is da best,


I know how to spiel it now

the band is called: Aurora
i think their version is better :)


Re: I know how to spiel it now

I'd say you sound drunk, but hell, that's how you usually type, so... :o)

Re: I know how to spiel it now

Ohh my gawd fathers.

I heard that today on Chris Moyles' "One Big Belly" on Radio 1. You must be losing your hearing Mallen.

It is AWFUL!

thats a great freaking song!!!

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