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Yeah, so, anyway, lots on my mind. Makes a change, eh? :o)

Had my first lectures today - Algebra and Geometry II. Blah. Really not a fan of that particular subject, but heck, what can you do, short of missing every lecture? ;o)

Anyway, I signed up with BTInternet Anytime so I can leave my PC online 24/7 doing stuff, which is nice. Now I just have to downgrade my Demon and BT things so that I don't pay for both, which'd suck. Of course, BTI means no static IP address, but heck, I guess I can live with that....

I got my Further Programming Assessment 2 back, which is nice. This is the one for which I have to submit my evidence of illness. I scored 54%, which is pretty reasonable for one of my assessed courseworks. Specifically since the maximum mark for the amount I did was 65%. So really, I got 83% of what was available to me. Hooray :o)

More to come......

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BT Anytime would be lovely if the damn thing would work. Something is very wrong with our username/password which is causing it to refuse to connect.

Unfortunately with my dad being in Preston for the next few days its not going to get fixed for a while, hence my Freeserve dial up actually costing me money!!


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