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Good Morning
Well, I'm up and about. I love University :o)

I've just put some milk in the fridge, so that means I get to have breakfast in about 20 minutes. I've just realised that if I want hot chocolate, I don't actually have to cool down the long life milk first. That makes it a lot easier.... Anyway, breakfast will be yummy. Marryat has almost finished moving out of Vicky's room now, so that she can arrive in a couple of hours. Should be good, I've missed her tons. Mind, she'll probably get me to carry loads of stuff up from her car, as per. Not that I mind - I usually offer, but still... :o)

Wonder who'll be next to arrive. Right now, I most want to see Jimbo and Vicky, and catch up on everything. Gah, it's only when you get back to Uni that you realise how much you missed everybody. Mind, the last 5 weeks practically flew by - I barely noticed them. I love when time goes quickly. Not so long until I can go to America now :o)


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