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Back at Uni
Hooray, I'm back at Uni, and all seems to be good. Phone line is still working, got everything sorted out in my room... Ah, I feel grand :o)

Currently present are Joyce, Annie and Mice (Marryat too, staying in Vicky's room). I've spoken to all of them at some point today - they're having a Winnie the Pooh Party tonight, which I may go to. Or I may not - they expect me to dress up, and I don't have a suitable costume. Mice has spent the morning making a Tigger Tail for herself :o)

Oh, and only hours after telling my mother that a tube of Pringles will last me more than a day, it's almost finished. Curse the addictive additive that makes me keep on eating... It's unlike me to eat lots :o)

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Pringles are almost as bad as Daves mum when it comes to making you eat...

Together they would be un-stoppable!!

Indeed. Although I'd say Pringles were worse - they make me eat, whereas Dave's mum didn't quite make me. Well, aside from a mousse...

See? IT starts with simply a pudding, then before you know it she is giving you whole meals against your will!

Good grief, you're right...

*runs away from Hull*

*realises that any more than about 5 miles further from Hull and he's in the sea*

*sigh of relief*

Hmm... that might just work... I doubt her cooking would survive the rigors of the sea...

You want to be careful though tshe will be sending meals down with Dave!

"I doubt her cooking would survive the rigors of the sea..."

Oh I dunno...the layer of grease might keep it safe : o

Hmm... You cartainly have a point but we must also look at the gerater issues, although it may survive the sea it is also possible that it would cause another disaster akin to the Exon Valdez incident!! :-O

Hmm...this is indeed quite possible...

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