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Explanation of why I'm like I am
Basically, imagine you've led a sad, lonely, wholly depressing life....

... then imagine that you find a girl who actually falls in love with you. Like, for real....

.... now imagine staying for a week with said girl, and being the happiest you've ever been in your life....

.... subsequently, imagine the best day of that week happens to fall on the 11th of August, when things are just so good....

.... now imagine not having been happy with your life, and certainly not having been in love since then...

... That is why today is so bad for me.

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That's not to say that I've not had a lot of nice kinky fun in the meantime. Just not love...

Is'nt love a bitch

Is'nt love a bitch, especially when your too boring to get the person that you are in love with. I feel sorry for you, you poor little thing

Re: Is'nt love a bitch

Oh, I got her alright. Just didn't keep her....

Re: Is'nt love a bitch

Note: I would appreciate you learning to correctly use apostrophes before posting here again. I'd hate to have to ban anonymous users just to get you to figure out grammar....

There's so many french fries at wendys! Don't worry if you get a burnt one you still got a whole lot more fries! hehe.


Thanks :o)

But now I feel hungry... damn... :o)

Me too! Coincidence? I think not. Let's go get somethin to eat.. *Gets in the car and honks the horn for you to hurry up*

Well if you're expecting me to get to North Carolina any time soon, you might want to forget that plan.... You go on without me, and I'll catch up when continental drift finally gets me there.... :o)

If I had any money whatsoever, that'd be on my list somewhere, I'm sure. However, me is poor :o)

I don't believe you. GO ask Prince William for money.

Well obviously that was the first thing I tried, and naturally I kicked him in the nuts when he refused... After my lengthy prison sentence, I'm still poor (although I've been assured a hefty advance on any autobiography I write)...

how funny. I asked him for a raise in my salary and he said "OH MY GOD ERIN YES YES YES!!!!!!!" really loudly and gladly gave me more money. It's rather strange that he isn't as kind to you.

Based on what he said, I shan't even ask what job you do for him....... :o)

I couldn't tell you's highly top secret.

Oh, I'll bet... ;o)

then you bet right

So, moving swiftly on from that.... :o)

MOVING ON? SO SOON? *cries and throws her monitor out the window (second story window that is)*

Disclaimer: If your actions just killed somebody, I cannot be held responsible. Really, I can't.

I don't get it

Throwing monitors out of windows... See, there's this thing called gravity and all......

you're so smart!

Well yea....

So, you're british!! Sweet . . this means you have one of those accents? Oh myy . . *faints*

I do indeed have "one of those accents", and for the fee of $10 per word, I can even record my voice...

wonders if this money making scheme will work

doubts it

Oh well...

my roommate has a british accent, and i only charge $8 per word!!!!! any takers?

In that case, for the right person, I'll do it for free. You can't beat that without paying them to hear, and it's probably not worth it :o)

COLIN! you bastard! Why didn't you tell me sooner? *cries* You're such a jerk . . always looking for ways to make me cry. That's it. We're over!
-Miss Stephanie E.

duh, didn't you read my journal???

Oh . . =-) That's wonderful. Just gimme your address. . I'll be happy to send you the money. (YEAH RIGHT, HAHA!) . .

I'm sure your voice is very sexy, but, I've no money left, my dear. =-(


Good grief... Oh well, I guess I shall just have to go into a "free sample" mood... :o)

I was bored, so I said this.

I don't normally sound that camp. Really, I don't. I have witnesses to back me up! :o)

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