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Good Film
Just watched Varsity Blues... Thought it was a damned fine film, that.... But then, I'm slowly coming around to the opinion that anything with either Josh Jackson or James VDB in it rules by very definition.... :o)

So, done much this evening? Hell no.... My usual trick of sitting online, reading journals, posting in a few journals, chatting to people has once more proven to be my most popular choice.... Ah, I love laziness, I really do :o)

Right, I might go eat something in a second - food is good, and I've not had much today. My dad has gone to bed, so it means freedom to create a culinary masterpiece. Back soon, I expect :o)

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varsity blues is a good film. the whole whipped cream bikini is a novel idea- i like, i like. i prefer josh jackson movies though-hes so dreamy. god i said dreamy, just shoot me now.

I used to like Josh Jackson a whole lot more, but I think that was largely due to the fact that Dawson himself was pissing me off, thus putting me off James VDB completely.... Now that Dawson is OK, and I've seen James in other films, I think he rules again :o)

i believe that is a matter of opinion. i think james VDB looks a bit like a clingon. he frightens me.

They are both fools and shouldnt be allowed in movies and Dawsons creek should be banned

dont take that tone of voice with me young man.

Adam, you are a bad man. Don't say things like that.

I agree on the whipped cream bikini idea... a very very good one... and totally prefer Josh Jackson over James Vander Beek any day...

"create a culinary masterpiece"

mmmm..make me something too, i'm hungry.
augh...sometimes i just can't believe myself. augh. = )

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