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Why do people read my journal?
We asked "Why do you cretins read this piece of shit?" to many people.... And we now have an answer I'm happy with. Here it is:
It blends a mix of popular soap operatic culture with a degree of post-modernism teen angst against a backdrop of social life in todays student culture
I like that. If it's not stolen from somewhere else, I might use it.... :o)

Ah, memories. Grabbing all my images off the server before my brother inevitably trashes the thing with his own stuff.... I've got pictures of Becca from the 6th Form Ball, pictures of Chris from his 18th, and a really old picture of David.... all good fun, although it's made me miss a few people :o(

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Did yer dad write that? ;-)

Nope... 'twas written by a good friend of mine...

AH, there we go. ;-) Whichever friend it was is definitely a well-spoken one.


Nah, I don't think so... I doubt he wrote it himself ;o)


Um, no offence there TFD ;o)

*laughing aloud* :-D

Nice thing for him to say, mind :o)

Oi! I made that up all on my own : Þ

(This is what you get from going an English Language A-level ; )

Cool, that means I can use the quote on my journal then :o)

And you're saying you wouldn't have used it if it weren't mine? ; )

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