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I'm running jLiveJournal v1.0pre5.... It's very nice.

In fact, it's better than nice. This is my new updating software, I think.... I need to add a bit of functionality to it to bring it up to the standard of the Win32 client, but I think I can do that. It just means learning Java Swing. But heck, this is a really pretty program :o)


Ah, so "Post Options" doesn't yet work. Well there's something I can (try to) implement.... Or, just chuck them onto the main screen, where I want them :o)

*more looking*

Hmm, this needs some serious work. Autodetect will be an arse to do, although since it's only Winamp that I use, it should be OK.... Moods will also be a bugger, but perhaps I don't have to actually load the moodlist... If I just write them in myself, it'll be OK.... On the other hand, I'm too lazy to finish this, so why do I even kid myself? :o)

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a few pointers, music is to do with getting the window handel of the winamp window as thats the caption it sets in the taskbar - where LJ reads it from

Moods are a complete bitch bitch bitch bitch, when you login your login post sends you back a shitload of data its all seperated by stupid black lines some of this is moodlist, some if friends groups, some are lists of pictures. You'll have to write some type of algorythem (still can't spell it :o) ) to extract the relevent data from this, I'm in the process of adapting my search routine to do this, but its bloody annoying and badly formatted, shame it wasnt returned in a more orderly way, like via a getmoods post command or something, but we can't have everything, if you can come up with some way to use "in-line" C in Java I'll chuck my search code at you but I doubt thats all that possible, I think the only think you can use "in-line" in any language is assembler see, so....

Hmm... right now, I can't even find the docs on the site telling me how to use moods and music.... But I will...

there arn't any, you'll find the info in the login postevent info stuff...

its in the login postevent info

Swing is easy. Just remember to whack "J" in front of everything near as damnit ;-)

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