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I've been receiving complaints about the quality of my journal. I feel shocked to the core by this. Apparently, I'm being too boring and only saying what happens to me each day. Well damn, I'm sorry - I'll invent things next time

Who wants to know exactly how many items of clothing I'm wearing right now, eh? That's something that's, if not interesting, then probably scary. But if I said, then people would complain about me being an exhibitionist or something (when really, that fact is told by the fact that the curtains behind me are open - kinky)... I really can't win.

Anyway, um, I've just go out of the bath, and it's nice and warm (because the fan-heater is on). I am, as far as I can tell, happy with my present lot (although the late hour in the evening is annoying, because I'll have to go to work again in just three and a half waking hours...). Anyhow, must do tidying...

*time passes*

Well, I've cleaned the sink, and some of the milk bottles, and basically the place is a little better for my parents to come home to. I think.... But I'm not looking forward to it :o)

Right now I'm talking to Oscar about a load of stuff.... Generally, fatness in girls, and how it's all relative anyway. Very deep and meaningful, honest.... Eventually he'll turn it around on me and point out that I'm a wuss when it comes to women, and that I should follow his advice a lot more... The git :o)


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