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Hello Quality Food
Time for dinner. Oh, I haven't explained this yet... Well, yet another mundane fact of my life for me to talk shite about on my journal :o)

My day is skewed. Like, totally. No, not "screwed", "skewed". But there's a simple system to it - take whatever hour it is, and subtract four from it. That's my day. So I wake at 7am, eat breakfast at 8am, eat lunch at 2pm, and eat dinner at 7pm. Only, that actually works out to be 11am, noon, 6pm and 11pm. But heck, my system works for me, and I've been doing it for about the past month, so...

So yes, this is on my mind right now because I'm going to eat. Ah, I remember the good old days, back in August when I'd just leave my entry on my screen, eat, come back, and finish it off.

*goes to eat*

Like that, see. Although rather than eating, this time, I just put toast in the toaster. But it's just popped, so...

*goes to prepare it*

Yum.... Marmite and Peanut Butter.... I've just put another two slices in, it's yummy....

*easts that*

Hmm... in total, 6 slices.... 'twas yummy. And perhaps a bowl of cereal in a bit.... Mmmm :o)

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Marmite and peanut butter... A perfect way to kill me, glueing foul brown goo to the roof of my mouth...

*goes to make some*

A perfect way to kill you, eh...? ;o)


*a few munches later*

Hmm.. What an unusual flavor... Quite good though... Whatever posessed you to try it?!

It is an odd flavour... Tastes nothing like either ingredient really...

As for where I got the idea from, I think it may have been my parents... Or I may have decided that since you can mix and match breakfast cereal, you can do likewise with toast toppings :o)


It has that dody sticky and dry quality though...

My Spanish teacher used to suggest chocolate digestives and frosties... sounds like you are weird enough to actually try it...

That sounds nice - I may try it later.... They look like they'd go together - both sweet cereal-based foods...

Urrgh... I feel sick now...

Damn toast...

i must be totally dumb... well, i'm american.. but what is Marmite?

Um... hard to explain. There's nothing on earth like it....

marmite is the brits version of vegemite (aussie spread) Only popular in these countries.....Made from yeast i think, tastes "interesting" read: awful. sorta like a brownish spread. Yuck! Do not try :-)

It's yummy, but unfortunately, one jar lasts me about a week and a half only, on account of how much I put on my toast :o(

Marmite reminds me too much of the stuff that we use to grease moving engine parts.

ok... thanks for the

marmite?! you disgusting swine! don't come near me with any of that or with the taste still in your mouth!


By a happy coincidence, I brushed my teeth not 10 minutes ago... ;o)

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