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More Planetarion
His response to my message:
We know :-)

Regards to the rest,

and remember.. Escape pods are on the house :-)
And my response to him:
On behalf of the Adjective Army (with the exceptions of our two members in your galaxy), I would like to thank you for the hospitality you are about to show us :o)

By the way - love the galaxy name :o)
Oh, yeah, I didn't mention - they changed their galaxy name now. It now reads:
The Adjective Army Graveyard (10:12)
Game on :o)
on behalf of 10:12 and it's allies, i wish you good luck :-)

may your stay be a permanent one :-)

And my response:
Chas has informed me of the significant defence that our target will receive. I am merely upset that we won't be wiped out in just one tick - it'd be more fun that way :o)


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