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My day. At last!
Well, I'm home now, and am ready to update this thing just before I go to bed. About the girl who is now working where I am - she's cute. When she smiles, she looks so beautiful.... Unfortunately, nothing going to happen there. Despite saying "hi" to each other a couple of times, and having a brief conversation consisting entirely of monosyllabic grunts, and a quick smile at the start of the day, there's something in the way.

Namely, the fact that she tried to slam a door on me. It was an accident, but one which I'd not make - I always check doors in case somebody is coming behind me so I can hold it open. She tried to close this door, I was about to go through so I pushed on it to indicate that I was there - this only made her push on it harder. So I pushed harder, and then she pushed harder. The end result was that I said (in a funny voice) "Hey, get off the bleeding door" or words to that effect, and she suddenly went bright red when she realised that I was pushing on it, not the spring type thing. Oh well. That pretty much puts paid to any chance of her starting a conversation (I know I never could after something like that, trivial as it may be), and we all know I'm never going to strike up a discussion... The whole thing is kind of amusing, but annoying...

Anyhow, my boss is away for the next couple of days, so perhaps I'll speak to her then. Perhaps not. Who knows? The office part where she works is on the route between where I work 75% of the time, and where I work the other 25%, which means frequent commutes between the two. Groovy.... Anyhow, tomorrow I have to do all sorts of tests, and I can't really remember what, but I'm sure it'll all come back to me. I have to run the environmental control chamber at 11am, then again at 12pm, all the while doing tests on instruments with the funny gas. Oh well, I'm sure I shall cope splendidly on my own.

In other news, dinner was excellent. The bacon was fried rather than grilled (which meant I vastly preferred it), and the chicken was superb. A truly wonderful meal, topped off by some nice conversation afterwards, about things which most people consider boring, but which I find rather interesting. The cat is now in and fed, and won't be going out until the morning, when I head off for jolly old work again. Fortunately, since nothing new will be happening, I shall be able to relax a little more - may even take my CD player in with me in order to have something to do. Perhaps that's a little anti-social though, and it's better if I allow myself to talk to people...

Anyway, I had an hour long conversation with David on his mobile, which will be costing me (but who cares, it was fun, except the evil-Liz parts). He sends his love to all, in a highly non-specific and non-getting-the-wrong-idea way. Just so you know. And now I too much wish you all love, as I go to bed, a little later than planned. But I've had a relaxed evening, so that's OK... Anyhow, goodnight all :o)

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Just talk to her you big wuss! =}

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