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Somebody is going to be severely beaten in the next few minutes if he doesn't stop doing things specifically to wind me up. See if you can guess who it is....

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err? Ed?

it's only because apparently you are a fascist c*nt, but be warned, ed is more powerful than you ;)

Yes. I did read all those things he said, only because he invited me over to see your conversation with Ross. I wasn't impressed. Just a few moments ago, we had a minor scuffle.

So that's what you call it. I could have kicked your ass if you'd goven me a reason to...


Now now, boys . .

Group *HUG*!!! :o)

I'll hug you, sure... But not him :o)

Acting all tough now, but you're the one who bitched out of a fight ;-)

Now you know what the slap I have just administered was for.

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