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All Is Well
Just got back from the doctor, with the all-clear. Woohoo. Heh, and one of the first things I did was phone Dave to let him know. Didn't want him worrying or anything :o)

OK, now to explain. See, I decided that this is probably an issue I should address in a public post, rather than private. The initial posts were only visible to Jen, Dave, and David, but I think this one should be aimed at everybody.

Anyhow, this morning (well, it was afternoon when I woke up, but still) when I was checking myself, I thought I found a lump. The doctor has since told me that all is fine, but still, it was rather scary for a good few hours there. The important lesson to be learned is that it is worth checking these things out, certainly worth (at least) a weekly check of yourself (as I do), and take any concerns to the doctor.

Trust me, it's the best way.

Anyhow, I'm off to enjoy knowing that I'm not dead just yet :o)

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I am glad all is well. I can imagine that being a bit worrying (wherever that lump may be).

Is "congratulations" a good thing to say in these circumstances? I have no idea.

In any event, phew!

Weekly checks? Ah well. The chances of getting cancer our age is rather small, but I suppose it's worth checking oneself.

I'm going to die from cancer (unless they actually devise a cure for it), but I expect to at least see another forty years first.

It's not so small as you might think, and it's a good habit to get into - say, every monday, just make sure everything is OK. It helps you get used to what to expect too, so that you can instantly tell if there's something a bit wrong.

And the award for Mr Optimist 2001 goes to....

i've had too many close people die from cancer and i don't need anyone else dying on me. i'm glad all is well, you had me scared for a few minutes there till i read this post.

I had me scared there too for quite a while :o)

Glad to hear all it ok : )

But you're not on MSN or ICQ! Scum ; )

Ahh well neither am I much....bloody uni >: (

EXCELLENT news, and I'm very glad you chose to have a doctor look at it immediately. *big hug*

I am soooo proud of you, as only I can be. But what the fuck is that goatee thing going on?

Goatee thing?

*looks in mirror*

There is no goatee thing. You are in error. It's probably just dodgy shadowing on my pic.

*hopes that convinced her*

Never!!!! I am quite sure it looks like a goatee!?!?!? Hell you must have hit puberty!!! Only joshing, its that hairy lttle tummy button that convinced me, not to mention your raging hormones! :-p

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