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No, not mine...

Well, I couldn't test my code at home, because I'm missing a couple of classes the Uni provides. So I tried it here - bummed out. I forgot to do a huge chunk of code. However, I've ripped out a load of the code, and the classes I need to use from Uni all work fine. So basically, my interface is working, but my backend isn't. And even worse, I don't know if I can fix it from here - it should be easy, but I need to work on some algorithms for something, and this isn't a place I can really do that :o(

However, the day hasn't been wasted - I've checked that my code works (that part that I simply cannot check at home), and I've picked up my AI thing. In a minute, I'll go check on my timetable for next term and copy it down (which will save much time later), and then I'll go tidy my room. After that, I think it's back home for me. I shall just have to e-mail the files in - I can do that OK, I've asked a few people. This place is so crowded for the holidays, it's unbelievable.

Right, off to maths, then to my room. I'll phone home and discuss the situation with my mother, I think. Then back to home again. What a day...



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