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Apparently feedback says that I never show my "true self" on here, and that I put up walls.

Is this your experience?

Am I that hard to get to know?

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(Deleted comment)
I don't think that I necessarily make it hard to get to know me.. I don't put my ~feelings~ about on the Internet, but there's more to people than ~feelings~.. I'm pretty sure I put the rest up there...

Ignore the eejits. You're just as vacuous in real life as you are here.

how the hell would i know?

I think I told you as much when I started getting to know you :). Well, my way may have been "you keep people at arm's length". Which, to be fair, is pretty true to yourself, so I guess it's just that you don't show ALL of yourself here, which is probably true for a lot of people.

Do I still keep you at arm's length?

I'm pretty sure that you don't really talk about gay little feelings on LJ either ;o)

I talk about gay little feelings more than you do!

I'm pretty sure you don't keep me at arm's length anymore... or not as much. But you're the only one who can really know :P

Not really - you talk about feeling unsettled and stuff, but it's always in vague terms that don't give a real insight into what you're actually thinking - you're just as bad as me :o)

Perhaps I should try to make you paranoid and believe that you're totally at arm's length, and I've just been faking it up until now in order to fool you into thinking I'm a good friend ;o)

You could... but I'm pretty sure there's very little benefit to fooling me into thinking we're friends. It's not as though I'm particularly useful to have around ;). No, sorry to break it to you, but I think you might actually care about me :)

I think I get... the jist of you.

That hasn't been my experience. Mostly I find myself intimidated by you. I'm often intimidated by people that I don't know well, but since you have the ability to perma-ban me from a community that I adore, well, ya know...

And don't you forget it! :o)

*sits and holds out her hand* Can I have a treat?

You definitely are hard to get to know. Other has mentioned "walls" and "arms length", and I tend to agree. I don't know you that well, but then i've not been around AMA overly long. It is an ongoing process.

If it's still an ongoing process in a couple of years, you might want to ask for your money back :o)

See, this is why i don't fuss about not knowing people like you that well yet. Livejournal friendships can be long term things, and i figure i have a couple of years to get to know you guys, so it is ok if i don't know you that well at the moment.

I see why they would say it, but no. I don't feel that way.

Meh, sometimes people make things more complicated than they need to be.

Perhaps it is partially projecting.

But, to some degree, I think there's a bit of truth to it.


No again. Although to understand some of the things about you and certain aspects of your personality I really have to pay a lot of attention and connect the dots. I won't claim to know you, I'm not that dumb, but I think I have a fair idea of what you would be like IRL.

Popular opinion seems to suggest that I'm the same IRL as I am online.

Of course, if I'm all about the walls and barriers and keeping people at arm's length, then that will just translate to real life anyway ;o)

Just to expound on this now that I'm neither running for nor on a train. I think like Carrie said, as with pretty much anyone English you're going to wall yourself off to a certain degree anyway (at leat more than friends from across the pond anyway). Plus I'd say you're more likely to insulate yourself against the people you don't want to know (again, as I think most people are).

You cultivated a dictatorial persona for a while so people will be more inclined to attribute the initial reservation inherent in any new friendship to that.

That's my pop psychology take on it anyway.

(Deleted comment)
I don't know why you're afraid of being banned - you're exempt from that. Don't tell the non-in-crowd folks that though ;o)

But seriously, I don't really put you, or TMA, or Jasna, or Kezia, or really anyone I've met in person into the same category as the others. You've nothing to worry about :o)

And you're British, so I guess you wouldn't perceive it as putting up walls - we just don't talk about our ~feelings~ in the way that the yanks feel they have to, right..? :o)

(Deleted comment)
Then what are you afraid of? Me just being mean in general? ;o)

And yeah, I can't imagine you or TMA ever telling me that I don't ~share~ enough... Just because we Brits don't boast about our issues and variously over-diagnosed mental illnesses doesn't mean that we're not being open about who we are or something.... :o)

(Deleted comment)
Really?! We know you are happy in love. We know how you like to pass your time. We know the simple pleasure you get from a good country walk. We know you enjoy the challenges in your job. We know you are intellectually stimulated by complex issues of a variety of nature. You are always giving us insight into the way your brain ticks. So you're not a drama queen - who cares?!

Plus, it's the internet. We're all fake.

(although I am a renowned wall-builder, so I might not be the best judge ;) )

I do hope that the problem isn't that people expect there to be more to me.. I'd hate for them to be disappointed...

Most of what I've got "going on" is happening entirely in my head, and I think it would bore people if I started sharing all of it.. Does anyone really want to know what I think about time travel? Because I can draw diagrams....

Does anyone really want to know what I think about time travel hell yes. If thats your idea of boring, please bore me to death

I think people want you to cry more.

Just post more of your Mockney accent...

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