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James - Live!
Yes, for a limited time only, those of you with more online time than sense can gawp at how silly I look. Presented below are two .avi files, each about 2mb in size, featuring about 3 seconds of video of me (perhaps longer). Yes, I got bored :o) To download these, you will have to right click, and choose "Save Target As...", or whatever your particular browser does. Otherwise, it'll try opening it from the web, which is silly :o)

Clip 1

"Um, hi, uh, I don't really know what to say, so I won't say anything"

Clip 2

"Um, hey, uh, I really have nothing constructive or funny to say, so uh, I just will shut up now I think"

Bah... Sucks.... I'm vastly more expressive facially in the second clip, but then again, I think I look kinda camp in both. Sucks to be me, eh? :o)

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Although I've not seen, it stil worries.

I've seen it several times and was not impressed once. But I felt I might as well upload them :o)

What's that thing on your nose?

Ferret be damned, I'm a lot more concerned about what it makes my teeth look like - in any other medium (i.e. mirrors, photos), they're no way that far apart...

Bah, f'ing orthodontists...

(Deleted comment)
As always, the scariest thing here is you Dirk ;o)

And what's wrong with getting too close to the mic? :o)

(Deleted comment)
But the mic is shite - any further from my mouth, and it doesn't pick up anything :o(

(Deleted comment)
I can't even download them. I try, it gets to 600kb and ends...guess my ISP doesn't like you James ;)

:-D :-D :-D You're so adorable! :-D

(your teeth look just lovely, quit fretting ;-) )




couldn't help myself, you're just that attractive and cute :)




I love you :o)

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