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"'sup new AMA?" he said as he crossposted the link again...

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Ooooo! It's so pretty! And cheerful! You might want to watch out for those cheerful colours, though--people may actually start being happy, and you, as our evil dictator lord, wouldn't want that! :P

It comes in other colours.... :o)

Ah, that's nice. I do appreciate the familiarity of the blues on white, though.

I like the little menu up the top. *nods*
Not too keen on there being so much whiteness going on though. :(

I like the drop down menus and the nav links being in the sidebar. I do agree with Chloe though, the white is a bit overbearing. Overall, love it though.

Does the whiteness stop being such an issue if the background to entries etc. is off-white:

It's better, but you seem to have used a cool tone rather than a warm tone. Warmer is less harsh on the eye, but any dilution of the stark white is appreciated. I know it's being ridiculously picky, and we'll accept it no matter how you dish it out to us... Just my 2 cents as someone who views the page often :) (You also very much have the right to ignore everything I say in regard to color, I am colorblind :P It just makes me more sensitive to tones because they are what I use to differentiate colors a lot)

I just -know- I'm on that primary list.

(Deleted comment)
I already did, it's in the comments of one of these posts :oP

I kind of dislike the sharp corners on the boxes, even though "bubbly" is not exactly your favorite thing. Contrary to everyone else, I actually like the blue on white, but you're doing it wrong.

I'd move the icons to the other side of the post though, it just looks better and I've grown accustomed to seeing everyone's icons on the right side of the screen.

You know what instead let me just make something up in Photoshop so I can show you what I'm talking about.

You know what instead let me just make something up in Photoshop so I can show you what I'm talking about.

If only we could do this for every conversation we have, I might actually understand you a bit more often :oP

You're in luck, because I'm downloading CS4 as we speak. :P

You'll probably hate this, but this is what I mean...

You know what, I really like it, but here are the reasons why I can't use it:

1. For a font that size, the header would need to be an image, which means a separate image for each community I wanted to use this in, rather than driving the header from the title of the community itself as part of the style.

2. To do rounded corners properly you need to know the colours that you're going to use in advance, and building images for each of them. Since the colours used in the community are variable and driven by the style, that would also be impossible. I've managed to get around it by putting white caps on the corners, but to do it properly means using .png images, which break horribly in older versions of IE and make everything ugly.

And it's a shame, because I'd probably go for that, if it wasn't for the additional overhead in having to set everything in advance colour/header-wise...

Oh, also, no blue in the borders of the page - it's a full-width layout, because fixed (and therefore limited) width layouts look really narrow on wider screens...

But otherwise, I might rip off big chunks of what you've done, because it's mostly quite good :o)

1. Is it really complicated to use a header instead of just the journal title? I know I've used headers before on some of my layouts, but I really don't remember the amount of work it entailed.

2. I think you can override the style colors, can't you? It's easy enough to find the #RRGGBB of each color used in the image to plug into the layout. Or depending on what color of the style you choose, you can find the color number in the style and then create the images accordingly. What do you mean by breaking in IE? Like, it doesn't line up or something?

I see what you're saying, that you would have to commit to the colors and headers, but I think actually using headers would give you a little bit more freedom for change, because you could give the community a whole new look just by adding a different header and changing the community font.

All of that being said, I'm really glad you like it. :D

1. Problem is, it's an image. Currently I'd be using plain text, which is nice and easy and can be updated with a flick of a switch. Using an image would mean having to build them in advance, and then having to edit them if I need to change anything..

2. Yes, but the corners would have to be images. If I want a red layout, I need red corner images. If I want a blue layout, I need blue corner images. If I want to tweak any colours, I'd need to consider the implications for the pictures that support the style.

And that's not what I want. I want a solution that will just work out of the box, where you set up the text parameters, and everything just works. It's possible to do the corners by overlaying a white curve on top of the background colour that you want, to kind of cut off the edge, but that would involve .png images to get the alpha settings right, and those aren't supported in about 10% of our users' browsers or thereabouts, which would lead to an ugly user experience.

Mostly, I want the whole thing to be driven by the style itself, not by any images that it relies on. I'm actually planning on ditching the little icons for everything (or thinking about it anyway), and relying on text links, considering carefully which ones are realistically going to get clicked and which just aren't.

Ooh okay. I gotcha. Although I really wish you wouldn't ditch the little icons. I think they're really adorable.

So something like these would be more manageable for coding?

Yeah, I think I'm going to go with the one on the left, because I prefer the lighter colours..

Thank you, your input has been appreciated.. now to see if I ever get the thing finished ;o)

You're welcome! Actually thank you because I've been wide awake all night with nothing better to do with my time. Can you tell I miss my job? :P

I like the one on the left too.

How do we feel about this?

I kept the dark edging around the boxes on the left because in theory I'm going to group them up together, and it seemed like the easiest way to do it..

It hinges on three colours (light, medium and dark) which are available in 27 different shades (3 grey, 8 red, 8 green, 8 blue)..

Obviously I can do other colour combinations as well, but starting off with a palette of 27 different types is a good start...

The colors are much, much better. Although, it looks kind of purple-y on my monitor. Unless that's what you were going for. :P

Did you want suggestions on just the colors or the style itself?

They're meant to be, sort of..

I mean, technically they're blue (R and G values are equal), but I have bluer ones...

And I don't need suggestions on the colours - I took the ones from your example, Jamesified them (by which I mean shifted them to the nearest multiples of seventeen because that's all I ever work with) and then came up with the following:

Dark: {4,5,6}
Medium: {8,9,10}
Light: {12,13,14}

So multiply those by 17 and you get the actual colours I worked with.

So within each set of RGB values, you have a strong colour, a medium colour, and a weak colour. It was then just a case of generating the 27 different permutations, so rgb(weak,strong,medium) etc...

et voila, 27 palettes, all with fairly soft inoffensive colours, to be generated automagically :o)

Haha, the way you code is so strange to me. I'm used to using html true colors instead of Hexcolors, so if I want to adjust something all I have to do is adjust the number in the #rrggbb sequence and make it higher or lower.

Here are my notes on the layout:

1. I think the color palatte needs more dimension. If you add in some shades of grey or some more of the darker blue in some places it can make everything look a little less monochromatic. Like the part where it says, "In the last 24 hours...", or some of the links.

2. In the drop-down menu can you make it so that instead of only being able to click the link by hovering over the word, can you make it so that it's clickable all the way across? Like this:

3. I think the layout needs to be brought in a little bit because it's too wide and it's kind of hard to look at or take in all at once. Especially since the font is smaller, it makes reading it a little bit more work.

4. I know you said you wanted to get rid of the little picture icons, but because they have other colors, I think it makes the layout look less... blah.

Pfft.. I can think in hex if I want, it's actually scarily easy to count 8,9,A,B.. But in this case, it's a lot nicer to play with rgb(85,102,170) stuff.. Much more immediately visible what colour it is when skimming documents..

1. Right, well this is sort of do-able, but I'd really want it to only be limited highlights.. Too many colours starts to look iffy, at least based on what I'm actually aiming for. So things like the Twitter feed in the header could look a bit different, but it would have to be very much on a case-by-case one-off thing. The whole point of having a palette is consistency after all.. Perhaps each pallete could have an anti-colour built in for highlighting stuff...

2. Not sure, would have to think about how that was displayed.. My hands are a little tied with the drop-down because of the arse-about-face way I've had to code it due to LJ throwing shitfits over Javascript.. The whole thing is done with pure CSS, but it means I have to be careful about which objects sit inside which others or it'll stop working. Right now, it's not entirely a priority, but I'll certainly keep it in mind :o)

3. That depends on your screen resolution, which is a problem. Because on my screen, it can't come in any further without starting to get all crushed. Which is the problem with a full-width solution - you can't please everyone completely.

That said though, if I do it fixed width (as it is now), then it currently fills my screen, but on other people's it looks crap and tiny, especially on a widescreen display. So much real estate going unused..

So it might just be a trade-off that people will have to accept. At least until I get a wider monitor, at which point I might take the other point of view ;o)

4. Yeah, I might keep the icons yet.. I just didn't bother going through putting them back in after originally taking them out. I'm still not sure where to put them - I'm thinking for this that I'd really like to make sure that the main links you see are the ones that you're actually likely to click.

P.S. I know there's a way around having a fixed width and still getting the blue on the sides. Instead of making it a border, you make it the background and instead of setting the width at say, 800px, you'd set it at 75% so no matter what it always stretches to 75% of the screen. How to do this in S2 though... no idea.

Man, I'm so rusty on layouts. I used to code my own LJ layouts all the time, but it's been so long that I've forgotten pretty much everything. This was back in the day when I coded everything in S1. Trying to do shit on S2 is a complete mystery to me.

Yeah, I guess I can stick with an 80% width type thing or something.. Good call.. From the look of your one, it kind of seemed like it would be a fixed width layout with expanding borders to make up the rest of the space, which isn't what I'm up for right now :o)

S2 is piss-easy. Actual designing stuff when you're stuck with a maths brain is what's difficult :o\

(Deleted comment)
I'd be fine with doing that, but I'll be honest, design-wise I'm really not sure how to do it without it being tacky.

Which really isn't to say that it's a tacky idea. I just mean that I wouldn't know the best way to do it. If somebody can supply the image and some sort of indicator to say "put it here on the page" then I'll sort it out though.

Other suggestions, if you wanted (with the same placement, between "Ask Me Anything[...] and "recent -")

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