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My dream last night was weird, and I don't know if I'm glad it was only a dream or not..

So I chatted to Jasna on the phone yesterday for a bit.. And although I have free international calls, this apparently cost £2,500, which is quite a bit of money.. So obviously I'm freaking out, because that's not really money I can spare (and no, at no point does it occur to me that this is an unreasonable charge that couldn't possibly be real). So I was running around London, trying to find a shop, so I could speak to them about the bill.. All the time thinking that maybe my life was now sufficiently messed up that I should just max out all my credit and flee the country or something.. All very odd...

So that's why I'm glad it was just a dream, obviously.. On the plus side though, in this dream I'd lost a stone in weight. So, y'know, not all bad.. And financially, probably worth it..

How very lame...

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Sounds like someone needs a chill pill. :P
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Will that make me more thin? :oP
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No, but I hear meth can do the trick.
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I will leave the chill pills and methamphetamine to you, thank you - I have higher standards than that :oP
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Pish. I don't use, I only enable.
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If anything, you make me feel disabled, so...
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I make you weak at the knees? ;)
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What's a word that means "no", only is a lot more emphatic, and would kind of break your heart?
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A concept you have so much experience of..

You need to get laid :oP
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I don't know. Why don't you share the answer with the rest of the class?
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Why don't I share my bubble gum instead?
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I have no response to your non-sequitur
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I'm not giving you the gratification of having the last word.
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I have modified my journal style so that your comments no longer appear on this post. You lose :o)

See? Go look at the page. This comment no longer displays, though it does still exist ;o)

Your complexes, though annoying, are kind of endearing.

You only called me endearing because you know that nobody will ever see these comments :o(

Of course, in the same way, now I can verbally abuse you without harming my reputation as a nice person.

Virgin :oP

You really just want me to admit something to you, don't you.

You already admitted it on the phone, or were you so drunk that you forgot? :o)

LOL oh yeah. I forgot about that. What's with the virgin calling!

Just messing :o)

Uh, Naomi wanted me to ask - was it just the once, or were you two at it like rabbits?

Also, she wants to know, how are things with you guys now? What's the deal?

Apparently I am a bad friend for not asking in the first place.... :o)

Naomi wanted you to ask???


Well, I was talking to her about it, and she wanted more details about the whole thing, and then it turned out that in actual fact, I hadn't bothered to ask any follow-up questions.

I suppose I must suck or something..

You do suck, but anyway... I suppose you could say it was more rabbit-like than anything else. As much as we could anyway seeing as we were staying in the front room at my parents house. :P

He's a lot different in person. We're still not together though. I'm very persuasive when it comes to sex without commitments. We agreed that it was fun, but he shouldn't read too much into it. ;)

He's coming down here next week with his family and I suppose I'll be seeing him then too. We'll see how that goes.

Welcome back into the club :o)

But seriously, glad it all seems to have gone well.. and well done for holding your ground and sticking to being easy in bed, but not easy in relationships ;o)

Part of my charm is my inherent sluttiness and phobia of commitment. Who would want to be friends with one of those girls that wastes all their time fawning over some guy? :P

(Deleted comment)
Shh, don't tell Carrie that you can see details of all her sexploits ;o)

Your comments are unaffected :o)

haha, funny that you should mention dreams. I dreamed that I went on a date with your brother -- we went to go watch ultimate. And he lost my expensive camera (maybe I would have found it, but then my alarm went off) because he was sleepy from jet lag.

I don't think he actually looked anything like himself -- maybe more like you -- but I definitely called him Ed in the dream. Anyway, very interesting.

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