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Happy again
I dunno how that happened, but suddenly I'm in a good mood. I think it was hearing The Corrs - Only When I Sleep for the first time in well over a year, and realising that it's really rather good... Whatever, I'm now singing along to "Come Home" by James, and playing it on my guitar (well, not right now - right now, I'm typing this message). And now I'm literally dancing to Bloodhound Gang - I wish I were queer so I could get chicks.... Something weird has evidently happened in my head :o)

A quick look at who is online reveals that nobody much is about. Tony is on N/A, other people on ICQ are quiet, Lucy has gone offline, Phil is about but not speaking to me right now... I wonder when Matthew will drop my Star Wars videos over.... Bastard stole them months ago (at our groovy Star Wars day - lightsabre battles are the best) and hasn't given them back yet. And since I'm sat in the study, I probably wouldn't hear the door bell...

Just looking at a copy of last thursday's 'New Scientist'. The cover story seems to suggest that a virus is to blame for increasing levels of fatness in society. I rather think that American Consumer Culture is to blame for it all... An article on page 12 informs me that virii partake in group sex. Moving swiftly on.....

Family are still all away on their nice little holiday in Wales.... They'll probably be phoning me later, just to check that I've not yet ended it all with a misplaced pizza topping... Oh well, they'll be home in under a week, which means only 5 more days of work without them around (which is real stressful, I find).... Which will bring my overall monetary balance to £360 - enough to pay my parents back all that I owe them, and still have about £100 for myself. Which is very reassuring :o)

Anyhow, I think I'll go have a bath or something (need to do something to get rid of the boredom, and that might work). Back soon...

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The Corrs sucks. Oh hello, by the way. This is very weird. I'm very confused. Cheerio.

Hey hey! 'tis my good buddy Byers... Or should I call you Eric? You've always been Byers before, so.... :o)

Anyhow, you've been added to my friends list now, so there's no escaping :o)

You may call me whatever you want (except "lover" and "tiger"). =)

Or, presumably, "Chas", "Eldeano", "Bean", and other highly derogatory names :o)

Of course. These names would be even worse. =)

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