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Some Pictures
Playing with my webcam, as you do..... Becca took some of these... Anyway, here's some pictures of stuff....

Gormless or sultry? You decide!

Should I get my hair cut?

Becca, in one of her better pictures ;o)

"I have enjoyed your company but what a chatterbox!" - my 6th Form Biology teacher

"It's been a huge pleasure teaching you James. I wish you every success in everything you do in the future" - my 6th Form Chemistry teacher, coincidentally, my best teacher ever.

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Heh. Imagine what some of the teachers would of put in my Year Book had I bought one. :)

You STILL haven't fixed that trailing wire lol.

I'll send you some selotape ;-)

In answer to your first question - the former.
As to your second question - yes
Re: picture of Ms Bartholomew - mum says "She looks lovely"

I thought so - Becca disagreed

I don't want my hair cut. I like the funny curly bits behind my ears, until told otherwise :o)

As to Becca - I have no opinion :o)

Punk? don't think so

You look a bit like Joe Strummer (clash vox/guitar for the not-yet-knowing) No I have changed my mind, you don't.


Just imho of course. 8-)

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