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People on LiveJournal
In the beginning, there was Scott. He knew of LiveJournal, and brought it to AGGTA. And the kids flocked to it, as kids from AGGTA are wont to do. One of these kids was David. As my best friend, I followed his journal a bit, and decided to get my own. This is all obvious.

Anyhow, I brought the following people with me (although not in this order). I brought much of my family - my father, my brother and my sister. I brought my schoolfriends Becca, Dan and Mike. I brought the following Adjective Assholes too - The Profound Eol, The Ambiguous Antti, The Oblivious Byers, The Inane Dirk, The Obdurate Ozjish, and The Whimsical Reycov. I also brought with me the Hull Connection, being Dave, Martin, Adam, and in theory Dave's girlfriend Kat, although only through Dave (which doesn't really count).... Wow, I am a busy boy :o)

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Sounds like you've been busy!

I can't remember who introducted LJ to me... I think it was either David or Scott.

If anyone knows, let me know!

All I know is that I got my LJ about 2 months before David.

Scott introduced me to it. I was like the 2nd British person to get one, Scott the first.

And I checked the "Date Created" bit to prove mine came before David's :O)

I joined on 2000-08-04 08:04:02

That's August 4th, 2000

Mine was made in March :O)

Yeah, I noticed.

Still can't remember who told me about LJ...

Probably one of us lot

Me, probably. :-)

I told AGGTA. AGGTA joined. All was good. AGGTA died. All was bad.

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