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God Help Me
I've finally gone nuts (yes, I said nuts)... My feeble (yes, I said feeble) attempts to resist have failed. I have gone into a rather dodgy mood, sometimes referred to as insanity, but specifically described as a...

...Let's download Chris DeBurgh songs because he really was quite good wasn't he...

... mood. I'm sorry to all those who perceived me to have integrity and dignity - boy did I prove you wrong. But Chris DeBurgh rules. I'm currently Napstering Lady In Red and A Spaceman Came Travelling... Ah, what joy, two great songs...

In other news, today I've eaten 10 slices of toast, plus the entire tub of bolognese that mum brought down for me. In further news, my Friends DVD should come tomorrow, so me and Jimbo can watch that. Also, Becca is coming to visit at the weekend, which should be fun - best do my laundry before then, so I don't completely ming....

And finally, I love Jen, more than anybody else in the world. I want nobody but her, and I want nothing more than to be with her right now...


Update: Couldn't get a decent speed on Spaceman, so I've gone for the alternative choice of Joe Cocker - Up Where We Belong...

Update 2: Couldn't get Joe Cocker either. Gave up on Napster, POS...

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*horrified look*

*finds a large blunt object to whap James with*

Chris bloody DeBurgh????

God, I'm staying single forever if THIS is what happens when you fall in love ...

*goes to shower off the stench of Sappy Pop Music*


Tragic, isn't it ;o)

It is. It REALLY is. %-)

(although I remember thinking certain songs by Styx were the most beautiful things in the world under such circumstances, so ... %-) )

There's something about this 'in love' business that just brings out the latent ... SAP in everyone, I think. %-)

Quickly disowns James

I agree totally

shakes head in bewilderment

Re: Quickly disowns James

Bless your heart. :-)

[of course, you realise that the violence of our reactions is only achieved by having listened to this sort of tripe at some point in our lives and LIKD it ... but we won't admit that aloud, we'll just tell younger folk they have crap taste ;-)]

Lady in Red is like one of the best songs ever. Although that bugger on Stars In Their Eyes kinda killed it a bit, then ran it into to the ground singing it on EVERYTHING.

Taking it as given that I'm unbelievable dense (I mean so slow that I get knocked down by parked cars and got a D in gcse art), could you explain in words of less than ermm, three syllables (I'm feeling daring tonight), who Jen is and what's going on? Well obviously not what, I mean what you do is your business, but like I read my friends page and there's all this differene..

oh sod it. Leave me in the dark, it's easier than me trying to figure out wtf I'm trying to say. I hope you're very happy

See the Azz-Only-Post I've just done :o)

i can't see that message, no wait, i ain't azz am i? or am i? AM I?

jesus christ man......

even i didnt do anything like that....
haha =)

Re: jesus christ man......

OK, now I'm slightly worried ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Get "spanish train" by start wondering if he wants to be a storyteller or musician....anyway it's one of his best songs (same record as a spaceman came traveling)

and I'll admit he does sound somewhat mad


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