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My Brother, ladies and gentlemen...
Best viewed against a white background, obviously :o)

Bear in mind that this is quite an old picture of him, naturally... He looks roughly the same, just a lot bigger, and meaner looking ;o)


I don't believe how much I'm posting lately. Really, if people want me to shut up, I will... Just ask :o)

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Look, I just daren't, okay? Lets leave it now.

That's me alright...

I can't ise that as my pic cos it's BMP so I changed it to JPG and it says "you cannot use BMP files"....

Awww, what an adorable little boy!!!!!!!!!!

[never would have guessed I'm female from THAT comment, eh? %-) ]

More Here... I've been uploading userpics for him to use :o)

*HOWL!* Adorable! I love the little smiley one on the bottom. ;-)

Nah, I was way too fat back then.... Things are kinda different now, since I'm 5 foot 6 and only 8 stone, surprising considering I eat so much...

Very small children are supposed to be a bit chubby. ;-)

Of course, you're the perfect size/weight now (being only 3 inches taller than me ;-) ).

Hehe, you're a midget ;-)

Bah, I'm a girl, we're cute when we're tiny. ;-)

[besides, it's easier to get in those low blows when you're short 8-D ]

Y'know ... not that a lovely little person like myself would EVER hit anyone below the belt or anything. 8-) 8-) 8-)

*well, actually, I WOULDN'T ... it's just one of those things that is entertaining to consider when you're thoroughly annoyed with someone 8-) *

Sounds like James to me. Okay, well, looks like James. Or something. Hmm. Okay.

:-) Thanks for adding me as a friend, btw - I was just nipping into the client to add you! :-)

The only reason I added you as a friend is cos I'm nosy and add almost everyone I see reply to anyhting...

I just realised how bad that sounded. I meant it as a joke.... I should stop talking, shouldn't I?...

That's okay. :-) Don't worry, I won't nip out and get our wedding invitations printed up QUITE yet. *grinning*

Damned straight - if you think I'm giving you an easy divorce, you can think again...


I've got foot-in-mouth disease ;-)


When did you grow a sense of humour? ;o)

About the same time you grew all that dodgy facial hair ;-)

You asked for it, sorry...

Nice one my son!

Don't get me started on you ;o)

*laughing* Nah, that was cute!

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