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Foodstuff dinner = new Foodstuff(toast,12);
Foodstuff dessert = new Foodstuff(yogurt, 4);


Yes, in English, I've just had 12 slices of toast and four yogurts. I'm feeling slightly full, so nobody poke me or anything, just in case......

public void poke(){

You have been warned :o)

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As long as it's not


We should be safe : )

Bah... The Java was for your benefit anyway, God knows why :o)

I take it "over" is an object which holds locations, one of which is journalReaders, yes? :o)

Ponders the Java of this...

Bah! Damn my sleep-addled mind. The only way I can think of doing this is....nope now that's gone too.....

smacks head into desk

I now have a headache but it is still no clearer...

See, I kinda thought it was bad Java - the only way I can see it working is if you pass into the method the location of the vomiting, so


Must return a location. Additionally, due to there being no (), journalReaders must be a standard variable or object, rather than one obtained by a method. If you see what I mean... So like

public location journalReaders;

rather than

public location journalReaders(){
returns "blah";

This will probably all make sense to me in the morning....but for now I think I need sleep : (

It will never make sense :o)

With sleep comes clarity.

Hmm...could we have an over method that gave a boolean value to different variables?


public boolean journalReaders;
public boolean housemates;
public boolean bed;

And it sets to true the locations which you vomit over?

But then that wouldn't work with the over.journalReaders would it?



And I know someone is going to say that document.all doesn't have an onMouseOver event, but this is IE and anything works :)

But either way it serves you right for not making poke() private.

Any tit can access it now, as opposed to those who have already invoked the James class.

Wonder what the constructor for said class is like?

Wonder if this post could be any more geeky.

Do you remember that episode of Babylon 5 where..


I would have made it private, but I decided that since anybody can invoke a James class anyway, I might as well leave it public, since it wouldn't be hard to get at.

I might write a James constructor class sometime :o)

I'm sure the James class must be restricted in some way. I mean think of it. People invoking James's left right and centre. The children.. won't someone please think of the children.

I think a constructor class could be interesting. I shalt go and make my own. Well tomorrow, when I'm really bored.

Then all we need is a nice gui and a little bit of interaction code and we could have a fully automated aggta/lj. We wouldn't even need to be here.

We could have them recite witisism at set intervals, what more do you need? lol

I don't think mine would need to recite witisisms, but I could have it operate a selfDestruct() method every now and again... :o)

Whoa! Interesting journal design!

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